Album Review: Howlin Rain – “The Russian Wilds” (2012)

Originally published in The Big Takeover (Issue 70, 2012)

Howlin Rain
The Russian Wilds

How is it one of the greatest albums of 1974 didn’t get released until 2012? Okay, so maybe The Russian Wilds was recorded and released more recently but this would have fit into my (imaginary) pot-smoking  older brother’s record collection in the mid-’70s. Ethan Miller has been kicking Howlin Rain around for a few years following the demise of his psych-rock SubPop band Comets on Fire. That band gave an early peak into Miller’s love for AM rock and the vision is realized on one of the greatest albums of 2012. Imagine the Allman Brothers inviting The Black Crowes and the Grateful Dead to a barn in Georgia for a jam session and asking Chris Cornell to sing and Carlos Santana to rip some tasty guitar hooks.

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